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About Us . . . and You

The best way to tell you what we are at the moment may be to tell you what we had in mind at the beginning. First, we set out to establish a new publishing venture under the umbrella of 70 + and / or Life at the Top. As you see, we have since made up our minds about the title.

By whatever name, it would seek to identify, serve and capitalize upon a new demographic that is rapidly transforming the last and “long thought to be” best years of our lives. Among the significant contributing forces: scientific and medical advances extending life expectancy far beyond earlier anticipations, economic pressure to work longer to assure that the money doesn’t run out before we do, and a new realization that our ability to participate in and contribute to the worlds of business and the arts and study and political involvement and you name the rest don’t end when social security begins.

Initially, it would be an online web service continuously updated with news and information about that demographic and its surround, found on our own or aggregated from existing sources, and supplemented by original reporting and, conspicuously, interviews with those now occupying that region with continuing success. What you see now is a first step in that direction. Your own reaction and input will help determine the next one.

The primary audience and appeal would be to those over 70, a percentage of the population increasing markedly. We believe it will be of value to those well below that number as well. Asked what audience segment we should aim for, one wise voice said: “All generations. The old need to know about the young and the young need to know about the old.” How we may accomplish that feat we don’t know, but it will ever be in mind.

We begin publication intimidated by the challenge but inspired by the words of Nelson Mandela: “Everything seems impossible until it’s done.”

So much for us – now about you. Most of all we need an email address to qualify you for a news letter (as free as is the site itself) now in progress. It will not be shared. Those who enter here will know that they have helped 70+ grow to an ever advancing age.

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